Chris Tomlin – All My Fountains tab ver. 2

The song is in the key of E so it's not very hard to play. I'm just going to jump right
into it and not bother writing a catchy intro topic paragraph.

ChordsE--0---0---0---0--------|B--0---0---0---0--------|G--2---4---6---1--------|D--2---4---6---2--------|A--0---2---4---2--------|E--0---X---X---0--------| Asus2 Bm C#m E
Intro RiffE-404002002000404002002000404002002000000000000000000000000000000------------|B-55555555555555555555555555555555555544444444444444444/555555555------------|G----------------------------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Just keep playing the unison E note on the B and E string and tap the G# and F# notes like how the lead plays it and then play the D# note on the B string for a little bit. Just listen to the song and you'll get it. Imagne the E notes being 16ths (1e&a2e&a) and the other notes playing in place of some of the es &s and as.
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