Chris Wallace – Remember When Push Rewind chords

Left handed
Hope you enjoy!

Em GI'm sitting with an empty glass and a broken heart,
Em DThinking to myself what have I done,
Em GCause as my future got bright we started losing light,
Em DAnd I couldn't see that you were the one,
Em So can we push push push rewind,
GGo go back in time,
Em GWhen we were kids sneaking bottles of wine,
Em GTake take take me back, I wanna go back,
Em DBack to what we had!
G EmDo you remember when we started this mess,
G DMy heart was beating out of my chest!,
G EmRemember when we stole your dad's car,
G DI never thought we'd take it that far,
G EmOh we were flying so high, yeah partners in crime,
G DSo why'd we ever say good bye?,
G Em DRemember when we, when we, had it all
GDo you remember when...
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