Chris Young - Rainy Night In Georgia chords version 2

Intro: D - Em (x2)

D G DHovering by my suitcase, Trying to find a warm place, To spend the night
D GThe heavy rain is falling, seems I hear your voice calling
DIt's all right
Bm7 F#m Bm7 F#mA rainy night in Georgia, A rainy night in Georgia
Em DI believe it's raining, All over the world
Em D I believe it's raining all over the world
D G DNeon signs a-flashing, Taxi cabs and buses passing, Through the night
D G D The distant moaning of a train, Seems to play a sad refrain into the night
Repeat Chorus: Bridge:
Em F#m Em F#mHow many times I've wondered, And it still comes out the same
Em F#m EmNo matter how you look at it or think of it
G F#m D AIt's life, and you just gotta play the game
Instrumental: Em - F#m (x2)
D G DI find me a place in a boxcar, So I take out this old guitar to pass some time
GLate at night when it's hard to rest, I hold your picture to my chest
DAnd I'm alright
Repeat Chorus:
Em G D Bm7 Em G DI believe it's raining all over the world, And it's raining on me
Outro (x2): Em - G - F#m - Bm7 - Em - G - D
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