Chris Young – Goodbye chords

(Capo on 4)

Intro.:  |(G)(Gsus4)|(G)(Gadd9)|

(G) Knock on my door, (Gsus4) you're on my porch, (G) it's about (Gadd9)11:30
(G) And that only (Gsus4)means one of two (G)things, either you're a (Gadd9)little bit lonely
(G) Or something ain't (Gsus4)right and judgin' (G)by the tear in your (Gadd9)eye
You're about to (Am)say something cra-(Em)-zy like good-(C)bye

(C) Stop right (G)there, don't say a (Em)word, just let me (D)hold you
(C) Girl, we can (G)fix whatever it (Em)is, so whatever (D)you do
(C) Don't let us (D)die the love of a (Gdim)lifetime is worth at (Em)least a (D)million tries (C)
Baby, what we (D)got is too good for goodbye

Solo:  |(G)(Gsus4)|(G)(Gadd9)|

(G) This ain't a game (Gsus4) I'm trying to (G)play, girl, we got (Gadd9)something real here
(G) You don't just (Gsus4)break up whenver it (G)gets tough, so, baby, (Gadd9)don't you leave here
(G) I want you to say, (Gsus4) you're gonna stay (G) and we're in this (Gadd9)thing
Forev-(Am)er, (Em) come what-(D)ever, so

Repeat Chorus

Solo:  |(Am) |(Em) Yeah, it's (D)too good for good- |(Am)bye |(Em)(D) ---

Repeat Chorus

|(C)(G)|(Em) Yeah, it's (D)too good for Good-|(C)bye (G)|(Em)(D)|

Outro.:  |(C)(G)|(Em)(D)| --- repeat to fade
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