Deeper Places chords with lyrics by Christ For The Nations - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Christ For The Nations – Deeper Places chords

G///  Bm///

Verse 1:
G I give myself to you today
BmTo be completely swept away
G BmLost inside the glory of your love
GCause deep goes into deeper Lord
BmMy soul cries out for you alone
G BmDrowned within the river of your heart
G D/F# A Bm G You bring your life into my soul
D/F# AI’m alive in you
G D/F# A Bm G let your kingdom shine into my life
D/F# AI want more of you
DI want to go to the deeper places
A/C# Gdeeper places Lord
Bm Ato know the dreams of your heart
D I want to find all the secret places
A/C# Ghidden places Lord
Bm ATill there’s nothing left to know
G A Bm//// I’ll be completely yours
Verse 2: breaking every part of me there are places I can’t see ignite my heart with love and compromise your presence is my soul desire I long to burn with holy fire demonstrate your power here on earth Prechorus: Chorus: Bridge 1: (4x)
G A I love you Lord
Bmwith every breath I sing
D/F#For all eternity
Bridge 2: (4x)
G I lift your name up
A I lift your name up
Bm I lift your name up
D/F#Jesus be glorified
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