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Christian Bautista – I Believe tab

Title      :	I Believe
Artist     :	Christian Bautista
Album      :    Captured

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Tuning: Standard

Intro: Gm--Eb--Gm--Eb(2x)

 G                 Eb        Gm                 Eb  
I found you in my silence, You reached me when I can't breathe

 Gm     Eb        Bb--Eb--
Hold my hand and whisper I'm here

 Gm                Eb       Gm             Eb  
You're face is my refuge, I'll go where you needed me

Gm              Eb          Bb             F       
Hold my hand tigther, And say you're here with me


 Gm                    F             Gm             Eb  F
And I'll go up in the mountains, Higher than I can never reach

  Gm          F
You took me higher

         Gm        Eb
Then my eyes can never see

 Gm Gm--Eb--Gm--Eb
Oh, in my heart I Believe

 Gm         Eb            Gm           Eb
Wonderful place to be, To be in your arms complete

  Gm         Eb         Bb           F
Farther than any fear, Thank you I am free

(repeat chorus)

  Gm      Eb
Oh, in my heart

 Gm  Ev       Gm Eb
In my heart, I believe

I believe

(Repeat Chorus)


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