Christian Bautista - Just This Time tab

Title      :	Just This Time
Artist     :	Christian Bautista
Album      :    Captured

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Tuning: Standard

Intro: Bbm-Gb-Bb-Ab-2x

 Bbm                     G                         Db--Ab 
One summer has just gone cold, And I just couldn't hold

  Bbm             Gb          Db   Ab                    
Something's have remain, The soothe and warmth of rain, yeah


           GbM7               Db
And this time, I'm gonna let you know

              Ab     GbM7           
That I love you so, Just for once

            Db                          Ab
I gonna let you feel, That I love you still

 Bbm              Gb                    Db-Ab    
Dark clouds in the sky, Wanna really make us cry

 Bbm          Gb
I know you and I

                  Db   Ab
We Really need and try, yeah

(repeat Chorus)

               B                  F#
Regrets that we bear, Heats that we tear

             A                   Db Ab
I know it's not fair, I just can't be there

(repeat Chorus 2x)

I love you



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