Christian Bautista – Beautiful Girl chords

Beautiful Girl By aChristian Bautist

Intro: D-Dm7-G/D 2x
D F#mbeautiful girl, wherever you are
Bm Gi knew that i saw you, you had
F#m opened the door
Gi knew that i'd love again after a
D G long long while
A7sus4-A7sus4 hold i'd love again
D F#myou said "hello" and i turned to go
Bm Gbut something in your eyes left
F#m my heart beating so
Gi just knew that i'd love again
D G after a long, long while
Di'd love again
F#m it was destiny's game
Gm7 F#m Bmfors when love finally came on
D/Ai rushed in line
Gonly to find
A7sus4 A7sus4 holdthat you wEre gone.
Dwherever you are, i fear that i
F#m might
Bm Ghave lost you forever like a song
F#m in the night
Gnow that i've love again after a
D G long, long while
D i've love again
(repeat refrain except last word)
E Abmbeautiful girl, i'll search on for you
C#m Atill all of your loveliness in my
Abm arms come true
Ayou've made me love again after a
E Along, long while
Abmin love again
F#m A/B E-Em7-A/Eand i'm glad that it's you
B7sus4 hold A hold Ehmmm, beautiful girl
original by Jose Mari Chan
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