Christian Bautista - I Can Love You Easy tab

Title: I can love you easy
Artist: Christian Bautista
Tabbed by: Rodel F. Fariņas
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Date: July 30,2006

Intro: D-E-A-F#m

D   E   
We've been connected all this time
D  E   F#m          
By an invisible string attadhed 
from your heart to mine
E/G#    A
We circle the obvious like
            E    A
satelites that roam around the earth
D   E    
No. I'm never gonna let you go.


A  E/G#    A
I can love you easy 
If you give me the chance
D   E      
Suddenly we feel so close 
    A     /G# F#m
And it happens so fast
D   A/C#
Let's take tonight
Bm    A/C#   E   
This heart can't lie believe me
Bm   D         Intro
Baby I can love you easy.

D  E 
I hear You speak 
And its like a song
D    E
The funny thing is 
I think we both knew it all along
E/G#    F#m
We circle each other just like
Children on a crowded carousel
Oh, its a story we have to tell.
repeat chorus
F#m     E
We got so used to thinking
that one is always far
Love has a way of knowing
exactly where you are.

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