Christian Bautista - Just A Love Song tab

Title: Just A Love Song
Artist: Erik Santos

Tuning: Standard

Intro: F-Am-Bb-C
Dm7     C               BbM7           
Here we are again and words are hard to find
Gm7               C            F
But I guess that never was my style
Am BbM7           C C#dim7 Dm
All have to offer is my song
So I play it well

It's just a love song
Am           Bb            C
And i I will sing it all for you
Just a love song
 Am        BbM7    C
A simple melody for two
     A7                 Dm
But to me it sounds just like a symphony
 E              Am              D7
And when the words have come and gone
   Gm               C      F 
My love will linger on for you
Dm7           C        BbM7
Hope you'll understand how much
you mean to me

Gm7                  C
All the ways you've brought me
Am        BbM78    C C#dim7 Dm
Just to say it isn't quite enough
So I'll play it well
And I hope you'll see
(repeat chorus except last 2 lines)
          Am   Bb         Gm       C  F
Juat a love song, just a love song for you

Ab         Gb         F
It's not easy to me, baby
Db          Eb         F
I know it's hard to understand
Bb        A7          Dm C Bb
I get the feeling everytime I try to say
I love you
Dm         C               BbM7 
All the feelings I have locked inside my soul
Gm7             C         F
All the magic you bring out in me
Am          BbM7           C C#dim Dm
You're my inspiration my every dream
So listen well and I think you'll know
(repeat chorus)
Bbm          F
Just a love song
Just a love song
For you
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