Christian Kane – Thinking Of You tab ver. 2

Artist: Christian Kane
Song: Thinking of You
Part: Acoustic intro/verse/chorus

Chords used: (names in standard tuning) Emadd9 variatione||---0----------------|B||---3----------------|G||---0----------------|D||---4----------------|A||---2----------------|E||---0----------------|
weird D i won't attempt to name; basically an open C moved up 2 fretse||-------------------|B||----3--------------|G||----0--------------|D||----4--------------|A||----5--------------|E||-------------------|
Here's the basics of the song. Tune the guitar down a half step (Eb, Ab, etc...) and listen for timing. the tempo is slow, probably around 70 bpm.
play these two bars 5 times, 2 are for the intro and 3 are for the verse.e||---0------------------------------------|-----------------|-------------|B||----3-----------------------------------|------------3----|-------------|G||-----0---------------0--------------0---|------0----------|-------------|D||------4---------4-------4-------4-------|----4----4-------|-------------|A||-------2-----2-----2--------2-----------|--5--------------|-------------|E||--------0-------------------------------|-----------------|-------------|
Chorus: (names in standard tuning, play the same shape in Eb tuning) G When a new moon shines through your window D Or you hear a sad song on the radio Em D Then you don't know why but just start to cry G Or you're driving 'round on a sunny day D And outta nowhere comes the pouring rain C D Then a memory hits you right out of the blue G Thats just me D G D Thinking of you play the intro 2 bars once, then 3 more times for the verse, then the C to A progression, and then a second Chorus.
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