Christian Kjellvander - Log At 25 tab

Intro: D|-0-2-------------|------------------|-0-2-------------|-----------------||-------3-------3-|-------3----------|-------3-------3-|-------3---------||-----------2-----|---2---2---0-0----|-----------2-----|---2---2---0-----||-----0---0---0---|-0---0---0---0----|-----0---0---0---|-0---0---0---0---||-----------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-0---------------|------------------|-0---------------|-----------------|
|-0-2-------------|------------------|-0-2-------------|-------0---------||-------3---------|---3---0----------|-------3---------|---3-------3-----||-----------2---2-|-------------2----|-----------2---2-|-----------------| 2x|-----0---0---0---|-0---0---------2--|-----0---0---0---|-0---0---0---0---||-----------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-0---------------|------------------|-0---------------|-----------------|
Vers: Fig 1 D G D Unspoken were the words I felt as summer nights sub-merge Bm A Into another nine months nightless dread D G D As happy as a young girl guarded by her fathers words Bm A You lay on your brothers’ twinsize bed Chorus: Fig 2 G A Of all the words you said G A These won’t leave my head Bm A D G D G A “You will always be a little side of me, a little side of me” Vers: W/Fig 1 I recall a girl who was not ready for my love For we knew barely of the tools required For love between two parents was of secretive design And ours was neither labored nor acquired Chorus: Fig 2 Drunkard spender dad And so mothers leave the bad But you will always be a little side of me D G D A 2x Vers: Fig 1 From the woman to the world and to the womb again We return when it burns and it burns amen As we now descend on through another love affair We question why it cannot be as then Chorus: Fig 2 The answer is but one Fathers’ daughter mothers’ son “You will always be a little side of me, a little side of me”
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