Christian - Amazing Grace chords version 2

C7-FAmazing Grace!
Bb Fhow sweet the sound
C7 F Dm C7That saved a wretch like me;
F Bb FI once was lost, but now I'm found,
C7 F C7 FWas blind, but now I see.
C7 F'Twas Grace that taught my
Bb Fheart to fear,
C7 F Dm C7And Grace my fears relieved;
F Bb FHow precious did that Grace appear,
C7 F C7 FThe hour I first believed!
C7 FThrough many dangers,
Bm Ftoils and snares
C7/F Dm C7I have already come:
F 'Tis Grace that brought me
Bb Fsafe thus far,
C7 F C7 FAnd Grace will lead me home.
C7 FWhen we've been there
Bm Ften thousand years,
C7 F Dm C7Bright shining as the sun,
F We've no less days to
Bb Fsing God's praise
C7 F C7 FThan when we first begun.
C7 F Bm.Praise God, Praise God, Praise God...
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