Christian – Give Me Jesus chords

Hello, this is a version of the so-called "negro spiritual". 
There are other versions, but this one is with capo...

Capo 3rd fret

G EmIn the morning, when I rise
C GIn the morning, when I rise
G Em C G6In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus
Bm CGive me Jesus,
Em G Give me Jesus,
C GYou may have all this world,
C GBut give me Jesus
(Just repeat the same pattern of chords with the variations of the verse you prefer): "Just about the break of day (x3)... give me Jesus" "And when I am alone (x3)... give me Jesus" "Oh When I come to die (x3)... give me Jesus" "Dark midnight was my cry (x3)... give me Jesus" "I heard the mourner say (x3)... give me Jesus" "And when I want to sing (x3)... give me Jesus"
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