Christina Aguilera – Welcome tab

well hehe i was at a circus & it just reminded me of this song LOL So i decided
to Tab it , i think its pertty decent And close enough as for the CAPO im not
quite sure whether i u should put it at First Fret ot dont use it at all
i hope you all Like it , Comment , Suggest & rate 

Artist    : Chritina Aguilera
Album     : Back To Basics 
Song      : Welcome
tabbed by : kal M.

*Capo    : as i said b4 i donno try on 1st fret OR dont use it at all 
*Chords used within the entire song : Am , C , Em , G , F , E ,A , D , A , Bb , Gm7 ,Bm

now play it :

Intro : 
Am C Em G F E A X2 

Am             C            
Welcome to the greatest show
Em               G
Greatest show on earth
             F              E
You've never seen befooooooore
        A(Strum hard & Hold)
Let the fairytale unfold
Am                 C               Em
 What's behind the smoke and glass?
Em            G         F              E
Painted faces,everybody wears a maaaaaask
       A                   D         
Are you selling them your sooooooul?
D              Am              G
Well you'll be left out in the coooold
D               A
    Is it all blue skies      
        G               A   
Fun and games until you fall
A                        Bb          D
Then you're left without anyone at all
D                  A
You're riding on a shooting star
       G               A
With a smile upon your face
    Bb(Strum&Hold) D(Strum&Hold)
But soon the shine fades

D           Gm7      A          Bm
 And you're left out all aloooone          
       D  D
Gm7                A 
where did they all go?

Am          C
Been jaded, hated,
Em                          G
  Who'll be around when the limelight's faded?
F              E
Been shut down,pushed out
Made to smile when I wanted to frown
A      Am
Always taking a bow
Always working the crowd
Always breaking new ground
Always playing the clown
Who'll be sticking it out?
Who'll be staying around
         Am        A (Strum&Hold)
When the lights go down?

Outro : 
whistles to fade

D Gm7 

^^ take the rythym from the song (its like Strumming each chord 3 times with
whistiling till the song ends)

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