Christina Aguilera – Bionic chords

			     BIONIC – Christina Aguilera
Tabbed by: Athosbm

AmEh eh eh eh eh eh yeah (4x)
GEh eh eh eh eh eh yeah (2x)
EEh eh eh eh eh eh yeah (2x)
AmThis is the moment that I take over your mind frame
AmStep into the picture that I paint using my brain game
GI’ll elevate you so high I’ll give you a migraine
EOver and over put it on replay ‘til you’re insane
AmThis is a rollercoaster that’s about to be long gone
AmOnce you jump in won’t wanna get off, buckle up and hold on
GJust let it go give it up allow yourself to transform
EFollow me follow me to a place unknown of no return
C E F Are you ready to go? (2x)
Am Bionic take ya supersonic, ey!
Am G I’m bionic, hit ya like a rocket, hey!
Bionic, so damn bionic
EGonna get you with my electronic supersonic rocket, ey!
AmI am the future put it on you like a hurricane
AmCall me the supernova that’s taking over all time and space
GI’m testing your dimension can’t keep up with what I create
EI’ll break your concentration imagination with what I make
AmMany times imitated not duplicated can’t be replaced
AmN-n-now let me spell it out everybody come shout my name
C E F Are you ready to go?
AmEyeah oh oh oh eyeah
AmEyeah oh oh oh eyeah
GEyeah oh oh oh eyeah
EEyeah oh oh oh eyeah
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