Christina Aguilera – Infatuation chords

DmI'm wanting to explore his world
EBut a part of me wants to hide
DmShould I risk it, can't resist it
EThis has caught me by surprise
DmShould I, let him take me to Puerto Rico
EI can't hold back no more
Am Dm ELet's go tonight...
Am Dm EOoh, hey
Am DmPapi hold me, say that you adore me,
ENever let go, never leave me lonely (x2)
Am DmI am full blood boricua
ERead the tattoo on his arm
Am DmHe tells me, mami I need ya
EAnd my heartbeat pumps so strong
Am DmGetting lost in el ritmo
EHe whispers te quiero, te quiero
Am Dm EI begin to give in with no hesitation
Can't help my infatuation (Ah ah, ah ah, ah ah) It's pure infatuation (Ah ah, ah ah, ah ah) Hey
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