Christina Aguilera - Im Ok tab

Throughout the Verses apregios are played this may be difficult to get a first but I
think you'll find this is a very accurate version:

Bm Bm/A Bm/G Bm/f# e-------2----|-------0----|-------0----|-------0---- || g--------3---|--------3---|--------3---|--------3---.||b-----4---4--|-----4---4--|-----4---4--|-----4---4-- ||d----4-4-----|----4-4-----|----4-4-----|----4-4-----.||a---2-------2|---0-------0|------------|------------ ||e------------|------------|---3-------3|---2-------2 ||x6
Em Em Bm Bme-------0----|-------0----|-------2---|-------2---|g----0---0---|----0---0---|----3---3--|----3---3--|b-----0---0--|-----0---0--|-----4---4-|-----4---4-|d------2-----|------2-----|------4----|------4----|a------------|------------|---2------2|---2------2|e---0-------0|---0------0-|-----------|-----------|
Em Em F# F#e-------0----|-------0----|-------2---|-------2---2|g----0---0---|----0---0---|----2---2--|----2---2---|b-----0---0--|-----0---0--|-----3---3-|-----3---3--|d------2-----|------2-----|------4----|------4-----|a------------|------------|-----------|------------|e---0-------0|---0-------0|---2-------|---2--------|
G G Bm Bme-------3----|-------3----|-------2---|-------2---|g----3---0---|----3---0---|----3---3--|----3---3--|b-----0---0--|-----0---0--|-----4---4-|-----4---4-|d------0---0-|------0---0-|------4---4|------4---4|a------------|------------|---2-------|---2-------|e---3--------|---3--------|-----------|-----------|
G G F#e-------3----|-------3----|------2----2|g----3---0---|----3---0---|---2---2----|b-----0---0--|-----0---0--|----3---3---|d------0---0-|------0---0-|-----4---4--|a------------|------------|------------|e---3--------|---3--------|---2--------|
Chorus: strum G Bruises fade father but the pain remains the same D and I still remember how you kept me so afraid G My strength is my mother for all the love she gave D every morning that I wake I look back at yeaterday A Em I'm ok Second chorus same as above Bridge: C G Am It's not so easy to forget C G Am all the marks that you left upon her neck C G Am When I was thrown against cold stairs C G Am F# and every day afraid to come home in fear of what I might see next Chorus same as above Outro same as the Bm apregios repeated six times until fade I hope this isn't too confusing I've never submitted tabs before all I can say is this sounds great if you stick with it good luck!
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