Christina Perri - Bang Bang Bang chords version 3

G B7 Em D C 

G B7All my life you know I haven't been very love strong
Em D CThere's been so many fights that I fought and I never won
G B7So I decided that I should just give up in trying to right your wrong
Em D CAnd word on the street that is she did to you what you did to me...
Cm5, 4, 3 2 1
GBang, bang, bang, boy!
B7You're goin' down, down, down, boy
CTo the ground where you left my heart to bleed
Cm Bang, she shot you Karma tastes sooo...
G B7 Em D C ...sweet
G B7So unfortunately for girls like me there are more like you
Em D CBending and breaking the rules that we're making exceptions to
G B7But how does it feel, to swim in your own tears
Em DYou lied and you lied and I died and I died
CAnd now you know why...
Cm5, 4, 3 2 1
[CHORUS x2] [PIANO SOLO:] G B7 Em D C [x2] [CHORUS x3, END ON G]
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