Christina Perri – A Thousand Years Acoustic chords

Intro:Bb Gm D#m Bb F

D#mHearts Beat Fast
BbColours and Promises
GmHow To Be Brave
F D#mHow Can I Love When Im Afraid To Fall
Bb But Watching You Stand Alone
Gm F Cm All Of My Doubt Suddenly Goes Away Somehow
Cm Gm FOne Step Closer
A#mI Have Died,Everyday Waiting For You
Gm Darling Dont Be Afraid,I Have Love You
D#m FFor A Thousand Years, I Love You For A Thousand More
D#mTime stands still
Bbbeauty in all she is
GmI will be brave
F D#mI will not let anything Take away
Bb DWhat's standing in front of me
GmEvery breath,
F CmEvery hour has come to this
Cm Gm FOne Step Closer
A#m And all along I believed I would find you
Gm Time has brought Your heart to me I have loved you
D#m Ffor a Thousand years I'll love you for a Thousand more
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