Christopher Cross – Arthurs Theme Best That You Can Do chords

Christopher Cross

ACTUALLY this is my uhmm second tab. This is the most correct chords of Arthur’s 
theme. I also tabbed Simply Jessie two years ago, and I found a Jessie whom I like 
(LOL). I just like her (di kami talo!). Haha. The one in here sound a little bit 
off, so I decided to share the real thing. I’m working on C. Cross’ I Will take 
you forever, you watch out for that. Anyway this is a feel good song especially if 
you’re falling in love with somebody (accidentally) oh damn…
-the Icebreaker 
Facebook (just search for twinkle mangi, that’s me.) I dedicate this to Dennis 
Roallos. Happy birthday baby, I love you. And I’ll always be in love wit ya. And 
gosh you’re getting old ;p and to MSC rondalla, we rock guys! (or do we?) LOL

INTRO: Dm7-G7-C-F-Bb-E7-A

Dm7 G7Once in your life you’ll find her
C F Someone who turns your heart around
BbAnd the next thing that you know
E7 A E/A-AYou’re closing down the town
(SAME CHORD PATTERN) Wake up and she’s still with you Even though you left her way across town Wondering to yourself hey what I’ve found REFRAIN
DM7 E/D AM7When you get caught between the moon and New York City
Bm AM7 A/C# DM7I know it’s crazy but it’s true
DM7 E C#m7 F#7susF#7If you get caught between the moon and New York City
Bm7 D/A AThe best thing you can do is fall in love
(SAME CHORD PATTERN AS VERSE 1) Arthur he does as he pleases All of his life his master’s toys And deep in his heart he’s just He’s just a boy Living his life one day at a time And showing himself a really good time Laughing about the way they want him to be
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