Christopher Jak - Squeeze tab

This is a tab for Squeeze by Christopher Jak. A rare but great artist to find. As always 
post corrections, comment and rate it. :)

(I apologize if this tab is a bit hard to follow)

Capo 3 fret

The rythm in this song is a bit tricky and tough to explain, so as reference if youre 
having trouble playing a long, follow him in this video:

Intro/Verse (Each chord is half a measure) (E) (F#m7) (B7)e------2---2---7----|eB------2---2---7----|BG--1---2---2---8h9--|GD--2---2---2---7----|DA--2---4---4---9----|AE------2---2---7----|E
Pre-Chorus (Again, each chord here is half a measure, except for the last two which are both full measures) (F#m7)(C#m7) (?) (?) (B7)e--2---4---4------e e---------|eB--2---5---5---3--B B---------|BG--2---4---4------G G------2--|GD--2---6---6---4--D D--2---1--|DA--4---4---4---5--A A--3---2--|AE--2-----------5--E E--3------|E
Chorus (Each chord is half a measure) (E) (A5)(?) (B5)e------------------|eB------------------|BG--1---2---2---4---|GD--2---2---4---4---|DA--2-------4---2---|AE------------------|E
Intro/Verse (again) Pre-Chorus (again) Chorus (again)
Bridge (This is the tricky part where the video will help, but count every chord as half a measure for simplicity) (E5)(D5)(C5)(B5)(E5)(D5)(C5)(C5)e----------------------------------|eB----------------------------------|BG--9---7---5---4---9---7---5---5---|G x3 (Stop on B5 the third time through)D--9---7---5---4---9---7---5---5---|DA--7---5---3---2---7---5---3---3---|AE----------------------------------|E
(?)(?)e----------------|eB--3-------------|BG----------------|G x3 (On the forth time through hold on the first chord til theD--4---2--D------| chorus starts again)A--5---3---------|AE--5---3---------|E
Chorus (End on E) Thanks for your time and have fun. :)
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