Christopher Williams – Never Wrong tab

"Never Wrong"
	By Christopher Williams	
		Tabbed by Tim Cummings

This is certainly not the way Chris plays this song.  He uses a full capo on the second 
fret and a cut capo on the sixth. However, this version seems to work alright, but you can 
tell it isn't perfect.  Any suggestions or changes would be cool.

Capo 5th Fret

Chords (relative to capo):

    Dm  Dm7sus  Bb   Dm/F Dm/E  C

e ---0----0------0----0----0----3-B ---1----3------1----1----1----3-G ---0----0------0----0----0----4-D ---2----4------2----2----0----5-A ---0----0------0----3----2----5-E ---x----x------1----x----x----3- T
Intro: Dm Dm7sus Bb Dm/F Dm/E(this is a transition chord) Verse 1: Dm Don't know how I got here Dm7sus Lost on this back road Bb Dm/F Dm/E But I can't find my way and I can't get back home Dm Nobody knows directions Dm7sus though they'll leave you out to die Bb Dm/F Dm/E so all I can do is try try try Chorus: Dm woah oh oh ohhhh Bb am I lost alone C do you watch me as I go Dm/F is there something I don't know Dm woah oh oh ohhhhhhh Bb am I right where I belong C baby these mistakes are never wrong Dm Dm/F C Verse 2: Dm The old man said go left Dm7sus the trucker said go right Bb Dm/F Dm/E but I'm past the point of caring where I end up tonight Dm The people that i pass Dm7sus Love to say to me Bb Dm/F Dm/E We're all driving but we're not behind the wheel Refrain: Bb(barre chord) Dm/F C I'd rather not know where I'm going Bb(barre chord) Dm/F Just so you will show the way
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