Christy Moore – My Little Honda 50 chords

Capo on 2


C Amoh my litle honda fifty, she's rapid and she's nifty
F Gshe'll get you away from the guards any day
C Am oh my litle honda fifty, she's rapid and she's nifty
F Gshe'll do a hundred and fifty on awindy day
C AmWell I bought her in the buy and sell in 1992
F GA travellin man in a caravan said this is the bike for you
C AmHe was looking for a hundred pounds, well i gave in 92
F Gwell i took her for a spin on the killibag road and by god she feckin flew
C Amwell i drove her into newbridge, i was lookin for a couple of parts
F Glike alloy wheels and nitros and a new push button start
C Amthen i headed down to roberts town to drop in for a beer
F G 85 over the bridge in fuckin second gear
C Ami was heading out from roberts town going towards timmaho
F Gwhen i saw the guards behind be, sargeant kelly dont ya know
C Ami said oh folks just my luck and i hit the old nitro
F Gby the time the squad hit buckets cross i was in bradys yard
REPEAT CHORUS I think thats it, don't ate the head of me if it's wrong, sounds close enough, the lyrics mightn't be right but sure you can change them to suit yourself, i.e the names of the towns and the gardai etc.
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