Christy Moore – Ride On chords ver. 2

Ride On J. MacCarthy, Christy Moore Capo 1 P2 (ohne hohe E-Saite)2 * Intro: Hm | Hm | G | G | A | A | Hm | Hme|--------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------3p2-3----------------------------|G|-----------------4-----------4--------------------------|D|---------------4---------------4-2----------------------|A|-------4p2-4-5------------------------5p4-5-7/9---------|E|2/7---------------------------------------------7-------|
Hm GTrue you ride the finest horse, I've ever seen
A Hm Standing 16 one or two with eyes wild and green
Hm G You ride the horse so well hands light to the touch
A Hm I could never go with you no matter how I wanted too
2 * Chorus:
Hm GRide on, see you
A HmI could never go with you no matter how I wanted to
Hm GWhen you ride into the night without a trace behind
A HmRun your claw along my gut, one last time
Hm GI turned to face an empty space, where you used to lie
A And look for the spark that lights the night
Hm through the teardrop in my eye
Chorus Verse 3: Instrumental Chorus Intro
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