Christy Nockels - Life Light Up chords

Life Light Up
Christy Nockels and Nathan Nockels

D C Bm Gm C

D C With You, I can go anywhere
Bm Gm C/GI can do anything; cause you are the song I bring...
D C With you, you are the air I breathe
Bm7 Gm C'Cause You are my everything; and I am Your offering...
EmI may live and I may die
CEither way You're glorified
Em GmBless the day I give my life away!
G D/F#Let my life light up like the city lights
Bm7 C9And let it burn for You in the darkest night (Lord)
REPEAT In you, I can begin again I'm part of a bigger plan; 'cause you are the Great I Am! In you, your life is in my veins And you've broken all my chains; 'cause you are the God who reigns! BRIDGE
Dsus D My light will shine on earth
GAnd my Father will be praised!!
REPEAT CHORUS then Bridge again
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