Christy Nockels – You Revive Me chords ver. 3

D     Dsus  D    

D Dsus D You revive me
G/B AYou revive me Lord
G D/A Bm AAnd all my deserts are rivers of joy
D Dsus D G A You are the treasure I could not afford
G D/A Bm ASo I'll spend myself till I'm empty and poor
GAll for You
A D/A (Bm)You revive me Lord
Verse 1:
DLord I have seen Your goodness
Dsus DAnd I know the way You are
G/B D/F# GGive me eyes to see You in the dark
D And Your face shines a glory
Dsus DThat I only know in part
G/B D/F#And there is still a longing
GA longing in my heart
(Chorus) Verse 2:
DMy soul is thirsty
Dsus DOnly You can satisfy
G/B D/F# GYou are the well that never will run dry
DAnd I'll praise You for the blessing
Dsus DFor calling me Your friend
G/B D/F#And in Your name I'm lifting
GI'm lifting up my hands
(Chorus) Bridge:
DI'm alive
GI'm alive
DYou breathe on me
GYou revive me
solo to the end
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