Christy Nockels – We Glorify Your Name tab

We Glorify Your Name
Passion 2013 Christy Nockels Version  (CAPO 2 on acoustic guitar, essentially this 
is in the key or A)

Intro (repeat 4x 1st half) G Bm A Asus---2-----2-----2-----2h3--2---------------------2-----2-----------------------------------------|------3-----3-----3------------------0-----0--3-----3-----3---2-------2---3---2-------2------3--|------------------------------------------0---------------------------2----------------2--------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
VERSE 1 G Bm A Asus G Bm A Asus Maker of the heavens, master of the seas G Bm A Asus G Bm A Asus Mover of the mountains, Majesty CHORUS D A A D We glorify Your name, We glorify Your name D G A D We glorify Your name in all the earth VERSE 2 G Bm A Asus G Bm A Asus Awesome God in power, author of my life G Bm A Asus G Bm A Asus All consuming fire, alive, alive! BRIDGE G D Bm A You are seated on, on a throne of praise, G D Bm A Unto You alone let our voices raise CHORUS 2 D A A D The highest praise is Yours, the highest praise is Yours, D G A D The highest praise is Yours in all the earth!
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