Chron Gen - You Make Me Spew tab

Band - Chron Gen
Song - You Make Me Spew
Album - Chronic Generation

Tabbed By: Tyler Freear (SumFX)

Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)

Cool Song By Underrated Punk Legends Chron Gen!

Remember That One Of The Guitarists Uses A Flanger Effect On Pretty Much
Every Track On This Album.

Pre Verse/Verse|--------------||--------------||--------------||-55555-22222--||-55555-22222--||-33333-00000--|
Outro|-------------------------||-------------------------||-------44444-22222-55555-| x3|-55555-44444-22222-55555-| |-55555-22222-00000-33333-||-33333-------------------|
|---------------------||---------------------||-------44444-22222-5-||-55555-44444-22222-5-| |-55555-22222-00000-3-||-33333---------------|
Structure Pre Verse x4 Verse x4 Chorus Pre Verse Pre Verse x4 Verse x4 Chorus Pre Verse x4 Verse x4 Chorus Outro Thats All There Is To That! Just Remember: YOU OH YOU, YOU MAKE ME SPEW!
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