Chubby Checker – Slow Twistin tab

Slow Twistin':Chubby Checker and Dee Dee Sharp.
Top of the charts in '62.
(In my opinion Chubby Checker's best.
The parts in brackets are sung by Dee Dee Sharp.)

  E                 E
1.Baby..Baby..Baby..Baby take it easy,

  Let's do it right, (Let's do it ri..ght)

      A            A7
  Oh, baby take it easy,

  Don't ya know we got all night (Umm, Umm, Yeah!)

  'Cause there's no, no twistin',

          A                        E7          B7
   Like a slow, slow twistin' with you. (Yeah!)

     E                              E7
2. A little crazy motion is all you need
   (Just a little bit 'a room now, baby.)

         A               A7                       E     E7
    Ahh, twist with slow devotion, you don't need speed.

    (But it takes a lotta soul now, honey.)

     E             B7                      A     A7
    'Cause there's no, no twistin', like a slow, slow
                   E   B-B7
     twistin' with you.

    B7   E         E7        E
3.  Ahh, c'mon and please me baby, (Yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah,

    E           E7
    Come on and tease me baby (hmm, hmm, hmm,hmm, hmm)

    E    A      A7
    Come on and drive me crazy (come on, come on now)

    A7   E
    Ahh, come on and twist it up baby(Umm,umm,umm,umm,umm)

    E              B7                      A7
    'Cause there's no, no twistin' like..a slow, slow
                   E    E7-B
     twistin' with you.

     B      E
4.   You're gonna last longer, stronger if you take your

     time( 'round and 'round we go now, honey)

     E          A          A7
     Oh, you're gonna feel stronger.. and you'll feel so
     E    E7

     (Let's twist it slow now, baby)

     E              B      B7               A     A7
     'Cause there's no, no twistin', like a slow, slow

                    E   B-E 
      twistin' with you. 



A sixties smash from Kraziekhat!
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