Chuck Berry – Rockin Robin tab

Standard Tuning

This is eeeasy stuff.
a sweet as rock n' roll beat.

Verse: |---5--5--5--5---||---5--5--5--5---| Play this in a 4-count beat.|---6--6-(9)-6---| On every 3rd-count use ur pinky |---5--5-(9)-5---| finger and tap on the 9th fret. |---7--7-(9)-7---| Strum this part as well.|---5--5--5--5---|
*tap* Chorus(part 1 and 2)|---5---| |---7---||---5---| strum |---7---||---7---| verse |---9---||---7---| |---9---||---5---| |---7---||---5---| |---7---|both parts of the chorus are in a 3-count beat
that's all. hv fun. any enquiries, email me at:
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