Chuck Ragan – Lost And Found chords


                          Lost and found - Chuck Ragan
tabbed by: Liese13


Alright then, this is a beautiful song
which is difficult to tab because it's played
with guitar and a banjoo (or something like this
I'm really not an expert). I would like to concentrate
on the guitar part, but in the verse there is
only that banjoo to be heard so that I will
tab this. And also in the solo it's carrying the main melody.

Tuning: standard  Capo on 7th fret

Chords used: Dm C Am G

Pattern for Verse:
       C                 Am              Dm

e------0----- e-----0------ e------------|B----2---2--- B------------ B------3-----|G------------ X 4 G---2---2---- X4 G----2---2---| X4D------------ D------------ D--0---------|A--3--------- A--0--------- A------------|E------------ E------------ E------------|
So, you play in the verse as listet above and after the Dm C again but only twice and end on an regulary strummed G. Verse:
C(x4)There ain't no wasted time
Am(x4)covering our own ground
Dm(x4)Sooner or later on,
C(x2) Gwe're all surprised
(same again here) by nights that we lay awake with the world just a caving in Truth can be defeaning and lies can become Chorus:
Dm CSeems like if I had a wasted time
G AmI would've knelt to the gallows and gone
Dm CSeems like I may have lost my mind
G Cbut walked away with a head to carry on
Bridge/Solo: Dm Am C Ge--------------------------------------1-3---|B-----6-5-3-1--------6-5-3-1-----5-555-----3-|G--2----------2-0-2----------2-0-------------|
Verse: Moments of time do pass They're burnt in like photographs Sometimes it's hard to rest Unless you dream You'll never now I guess what will befall your acts Sooner or later on we're all just taken back Chorus again Bridge:
Dm C GWhatcha wanna fight for?
Dm Am C GIs it worth dying for slowly (slowly slowly)
Verse: There ain't no wasted time covering our own ground Sooner or later on we're all just lost and found Chorus and then with same chords: Seems like I learned a lesson no regretting now that the cards have all been shown Seems like I learned a lesson no regretting now that it's time to move along. That's it, I hope you like it and don't find it too confusing ;-)
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