Chumbawamba – On Ebay tab

This is a pretty easy one and it's my first tab. I'm pretty confident it's
right, but, of course, feedback is welcomed to make it right-er. I'm also
probably one of the few here who still pays attention to this band.

First off, make sure you're in standard and stick a capo on the third fret.
Or just tune up a step and a half and hope you don't break a string if you
don't have one I guess.

So here goes. All chords are open position and played relative to the capo:

Em (emphasize the off beat)           D      Am
Mr. Kokoschka it just happened again (sad so sad)
they struck the museum like a hurricane (sad so sad)
all of our culture, it's dead and it's gone (sad so sad)
from Babylon baby, back to Babylon (sad so sad)

there's stuff you find along the way
and stuff you leave behind
Em                                       D
and it all ends up as stuff that you can buy

on eBay
D                    C
from Babylon back to Babylon

The rest of the song goes like this. Pretty simple. The ending of the
recording fades out. So just end it however sounds good to you. The G chord
is a good place, I think.
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