Chumbawamba - Just Look At Me Now tab

Just Look At Me Now
tabbed by SickFish

the catchy hook on guitar(if you must...:-----------I-----------I---------I---------|-----------I-----------I---------I---------|-----------I-----------I---------I---------|-5-3-2-0---I-5-3-2-0---I-5-3-2-0-I-0-0-2-0-|---------3-I---------3-I---------I---------|-----------I-----------I---------I---------|
[INTRO] C D F G [VERSE] C D Don't tell me lies F G I don't need fingerprints, so C D Button up your coat F G Before you catch your death of cold [BRIDGE] C D F G [VERSE] Throw away your books They're building windmills Three miles up Out on the moors There's an empire waiting [CHORUS] A# F Look at me now! A# A I can take on the world - and win A# F Look at me now! G G [BRIDGE] [VERSE] [BRIDGE] [VERSE] [CHORUS] [BRIDGE] [OUTRO] C Just look at me now D Both feet on the ground F G My sights are fixed on the horizon
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