Church – Under The Milky Way tab ver. 3

     Under the Milky Way - The Church

Tabbed by: Teddy Levinson

Tuning: Standard
Timing: 135 bpm
  This song has the multiple rhythm guitars tabbed all over the place, but strangely 
even Guitar Pro tabs don't seem to notice the very important lead guitar parts in this song.
Besides the solo, the guitar should be clean with plenty of reverb and probably set to 
the neck pickup.
Much of this is simply my interpretation of the melody and ambiance the guitar creates, 
so feel free to play around with my ideas.

  The lead guitar first comes in at about 1:20 ("And it's something...").
Every note has an eighth note value except for the very last open G, which is a quarter.
Keep in mind that the notes played on the high e string don't land on regular beats, so 
it should sound syncopated.

Am (Am7) Fmaj7 GE|-----------------------------------------------3---0---3---0---|B|-----1---0-1---3---1---0---1-0-------1---0-1-------------------|G|---2---2-----2---2---2---2-----2---2---2-----2---0---0---0---0-| X4D|---------------------------------3-----------------------------|A|-0-------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus: Each chord is held for two measures, and the guitar should now have a chorus effect.
G Fmaj7E|-----3-----0-----|B|-----3-----1-----|G|-----0-----2-----| X4D|-----0-----3-----|A|-----2-----3-----|E|-----3-----------|
Solo: This solo is a combination of the main melody during this interlude (a bag pipe recorded backwards, I believe) and the lead guitar. Whenever there is a double stop with one of the notes being bent, it is picked freely for a full measure while a wah pedal is brought from closed to open.
G Fmaj7E|---------------------------------------------|B|--15-----13-15-17---------------------10-----|G|------------------12--12--12---14-----12b14--| X3D|---------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------|
G Fmaj7E|--------------15-----12-15--17-----------|B|--15----13-15---------------------10-----|G|----------------------------------12b14--|D|-----------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|
Verse(Reprise): This is fairly simple, just listen to the second "and it's something" verse and the timing will come naturally.
After that the chorus is repeated, and then the outro repeating "under the Milky Way tonight" uses the first verse riff. Over that is a distorted guitar that mostly just repeats double stop bendings like in the solo.
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