Church – Unguarded Moment tab ver. 2


Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 14:22:18 +1000
From: Russell Cook 
Subject: TAB & CHORDS: Unguarded Moment - The Church

                Unguarded Moment    (The Church)		

Tab for solo transcribed by Russell Cook
25 Apr 1996

This is my first go at tabing and I am going by memory
as I don't have the record available at the moment. At
least it's in the same key as the Chord transcription
below. Transcription is in 1/16 notes. A "." below a note
is a dotted note.

E----------------------------------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------------------------------G----------------------------------------------------------------------D------2---3--2------------2----3--2-----------2--3--2----5--5-5-5-5---A--3-------------3------3-------------3-----3-----------3--------------E------------------3---------------------3----------------------------- . . C E F E C G C E F E C G C E F E C G G G G G
Repeat as necessary :-) Last run thru has an ritardo on the G and ends on the starting C
E---------------------------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------------------------G---------------------------------------------------------------------D------2---3--2------------2----3--2-----------2--3--2----5-----5----5A--3-------------3------3-------------3-----3-----------3-------------E------------------3---------------------3---------------------------- . . C E F E C G C E F E C G G C E F E C G G G
E---------------------------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------------------------G---------------------------------------------------------------------D-----5--------------5--------------5---------------------------------A--------------------------------------------------C------------------E--------------------------------------------------------------------- .
Chrod Transcription Written by: Mick Anderson C (f) (g) (g) C (f) G [ ] x4 C F C So hard finding inspiration, I knew you'd find me crying G Tell those girls with rifles for minds Em That their jokes don't make me laugh F C F G They only make me feel like dying in an unguarded moment C (f) (g) (g) C (f) G C F C So long long between mirages, I knew you'd find me drinking G Tell those men with horses for hearts Em That their jibes don't make me bleed F C F G They only make me feel like shrinking in an unguarded moment D A D A Bb C Bb [ ] x2 D A D A Bb C C (f) (g) (g) C (f) G [ ] x2 C F C So deep deep without a meaning, I knew you'd find me leaving G Tell those friends with cameras for eyes Em That their hands don't make me hang F C F They only make me feel like breathing in an unguarded moment C F G C In an unguarded moment, in an unguarded moment F C F G C [ In an unguarded moment] x4 [ in an unguarded moment] x2 F G C F G C (f) (g) (g) C (f) G C [ ] x4
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