Circa Survive - Through The Desert Alone tab

"Through The Desert Alone"
Circa Survive
Blue Sky Noise  -  Atlantic Records

Standard Tuning - No capo
Tabbed by Blair

Intro (Listen to the song if your unsure what I'm talking about)e-------------------------------------------------|B-----10-----12--13----x2-----5----12--13----x2---|G-------------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------|
Verse Sadly, I walk around this place on the Shells of eggs My shoulders are colde----5-----------------------------------------1---------------3-----|B----5-----------------------------------------1---------------3-----|G----5-----------------------------------------2---------------4-----|D----7-----------------------------------------3---------------5-----|A----7-----------------------------------------3---------------5-----|E----5-----------------------------------------1---------------3-----|I put if off for so long.... Live with what I made Forever
Chorus Am C What was stolen from us, now is forever lost F Just because we'll never pay the ransom Am C What was taken from me, I will never regain F Just because we'll never pay the ransom Verse ---- Same as before, but different lyrics Repeat Chorus After the solo (Sorry I couldn't figure it out)... "Wasted with the rhythm, angry at the melody.." --- This part has the same chords as the just slowed down Repeat Chorus End
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