Circle Jerks – World Up My Ass tab

song: world up my ass
by: circle jerks

timing: verse...2x chorus..2x verse...4x chorus..2x solo....? verse...2x chorus..2x this is the whole song but the solo. i know its right because i have the slog movie with the circle jerks in it and i can see the guitar players hands. i cant get the solo, its too hard to learn by ear and in the slog movie i cant see his hands because hes being pulled into the pit(gnarly performance). so if i get the solo soon ill put it up but for now just go crazy on the strings cause thats practically what hes doing. also the slog movie is a gnarly video, i recomend it to anyone whose into OC or underground punk rock (circle jerks,black flag,sin 34,circle one,fear,redd kross,etc...)
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