Citipointe Live – Sacred Name Yhwh chords

EmIn reverence
GWe surrender to You now
EmOur intentions are pure
GWe offer You this vow
EmTo give our lives
GCompletely for Your cause each day
EmTake up the cross
GYou bore our sin You made a way
Verse2: Manifest Your presence Lord of Hosts we bow Let the sound of Heaven rain Pour it out Pre Chorus:
D/F# G G/B CYour name is too sacred for utterance
D/F# G G/B CYet all of creation worships You
And we sing Chorus:
Em G CYahweh mighty is the Lord forever
Em G C DHoly is the King our Saviour
Em G C Hosanna Jesus You have saved us
Em G CO’ Jehovah Hallelujah Hallelujah
Bridge: G D/F# C D Em G/B C
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