Citizen Cope - Dartagnans Theme chords

First Tab.. Hope is sounds ok.. 

CI've been sinning
FI've been livin'
GI've been beaten
C GBy Saturdays
COn a diamond
FI lay on a diamond
GOn a diamond
C GI lay awake
C D'Artagnan
FGood ol' D'Artagnan
G C GHe ain't got a thing on me
CI've been minding
FTo my field of timing
GToo bad your time in
CIt just never came
CWell I don't know how else to say it
FIn a diffrent way
G CBut why don't you just fade away
C'Cause there's a battle going on
FDown south of Babylon
G C GSo why don't you just fade away
CI've been dealing
FI've been healing
G I've been dealing
C GA crooked game
CThieving pirates
FI'm thieving pirates
GOut of gold
C GThat they stole from the queen
CStole from a man
FWhose favorite hand
G C GIs one that he will always land
CWell I'm building
FUs a levee
GBy the Mississippi
C GFor I'll die in an unmarked grave
Repeat Chorus til end
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