Sons Gonna Rise chords ver. 3 with lyrics by Citizen Cope - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Citizen Cope – Sons Gonna Rise chords ver. 3

Submitted by ShinAce

Here's an alternate, yet accurate and easy way to play the song. I'm doing this 
for those out there that aren't sure how to play all the chord variations. The 
only changes between this and his live performance is how to play the C7, and maybe the D7.

Am Gsus2 D7 F6 C7e|---8---------5---------5-------5-------x---|B|---5---------8---------7-------3-------5---|G|---5---------7---------5-------5-------3---|D|---7---------5---------7-------3-------5---|A|---x---------x---------5-------x-------3---|E|---x---------x---------x-------x-------x---|
AmRollin' down the highway
Like a rocket
GHeaded to town now
You can't stop me
DGot wheel in my hand
As I stand
COn the floor
Of the board
GOf this car
On the road
AmGot this woman in the back seat
She's my wifey
GIn the middle of the delivery
Man she saves me
DTo this day I don't know why
She picked me up
CWhen i was down on the road
GWith the wind when it blowed
AmWell a son's gonna rise in a mile
In a mile
GIn a mile
You'll be feeling fine
DIn a mile you will see
After me
CYou'll be out of the dark, yeah
GYou'll get your shot
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