Sleeping Sickness tab with lyrics by City And Colour - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

City And Colour – Sleeping Sickness tab

		   Sleeping Sickness - City And Colour

Tabbed by: Kevin Fortier
Tunning: Standard

Em   - 022000                            MsbuK - Slow Bend Up on Mth fret
C    - x32010                                    to the Kth note
C~~  - Hit once, let ring.                (MsbuK similar sound to M/K)
G    - 320033                            KbdM  - bend dowm from Kth note
G/F# - 200033                                    on Mth fret
G/F#** - only 2 strums                    (KbdM similar sound to K\M)
GM   - 554030 or x54030 {Gmaj13(no3rd)}   /  - Slide Up
                                          \  - Slide Down
                                          h  - hammer on
                                          p  - pull-off
                                          ~  - let ring

Note - The GM chord choice depends on how much the player strums on his or her top string. I recommend 554030. - The Strumming can be figured out by listening to the song, although note that during the chorus, it is something played like: e|-0000-0000-0000-0000-0... B|-3330-0000-1110-1110-3...
G|-0000-0000-0000-0000-0... (General idea) D|-4444-2222-2222-2222-4... A|-5555-2222-3333-3333-5... E|-5555-0000-xxxx-xxxx-5...
and the strumming is different from the first verse compared to the second verse. - Pay close attention for timing on the solo. - Depending on your guitar and amp settings(tone, etc..), some notes on the solo might be at different locations, but they are at that same note and same octave. Intro Em - C - G - G/F# - Em - C - G Verse G/F# Em C G G/F# Em I awoke only to find my lungs empty and through the night C G G/F# Em so it seems I'm not breathing and now my dreams C G are nothing like they were meant to be G/F# Em C G and I'm breaking down, i think I'm breaking down G/F# Em C G and I'm afraid to sleep because of what haunts me G/F# Em C G such as living with the uncertainty G/F# Em C that I'll never find the words to say G G/F# Em C G G/F#** which would completely explain, just how I'm breaking down Chorus GM Em C someone come, someone come and save my life GM Em maybe I'll sleep when I am dead C but now it's like the night is taking sides GM Em C and all the worries that occupy the back of my mind GM Em C could it be this misery will suffice? Em - C - G - G/F# - Em - C - G G/F# Em C G G/F# Em I've become a simple souvenir of someone's kill and like the sea C G G/F# I'm constantly changing from calm to ill Em C madness fills my heart and soul G G/F# Em as if the great divide could swallow me whole C G G/F#** oh how I'm breaking down Play Chorus Bride Guitar 1 GM - Em - C - C x4 (Chorus Chords with same progression) Em - C - G - G/F# - Em - C - G - G/F#**
Guitar 2e|-------------------------------------------10-----------|B|----8-7-5--8-7-5-------------------10sbu12---12bd10-5h8-|G|---------7------7--7/9----------7-----------------------|D|-5/7-------------------7/9~-9-10--9---------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
GM Em C someone come, someone come and save my life (save my life) GM Em C someone come, someone come and save my life (save my life) GM Em C someone come, someone come and save my life GM Em C~~ could it be this misery will suffice? Hope you enjoy! Any comments/questions email me.
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