City And Colour – Constant Knot tab

Tabbed by Spence Thompson

Tuning: EGDGAE

From standard:
A down 1 whole step to a G
B down 1 whole step to an A

intro:same as verse v v^ v^v v^v ^vE |---------------------||A |---------------57----||G |-7-77-777--XXX-XX----||D |-7-77-797--555-55----||x4G |-5-55-555--444-44----||E |-X-XX-XXX--XXX-XX----||
"How much would you bet" v v^ v^v v^v ^vE |---------------------||A |---------------57----||G |-7-77-777--XXX-XX----||D |-7-77-797--555-55----||x8G |-5-55-555--444-44----||E |-X-XX-XXX--XXX-XX----||
prechorus: "Ba ba ba's"
v v^ v^v v^v ^v (small rift i hear that go right after first measure)E |---------------------| E |----------|A |---------------57----| A |----------|G |-7-77-777--XXX-XX----| G |--------0-|D |-7-77-797--555-55----| D |----------|G |-5-55-555--444-44----| G |--0h3/5---|E |-X-XX-XXX--XXX-XX----| E |----------|
v v^ v^v v^v ^v^vE |---------------------|A |---------------5577--|G |-7-77-777--XXX-XXXX--|D |-7-77-797--555-5555--|G |-5-55-555--444-4444--|E |-X-XX-XXX--XXX-XXXX--|
"So stay the night.." v v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^E |----------------------|A |----------------------|G |-4-44-444-444-444-----|D |-0-00-000-000-000-----|G |-X-XX-XXX-XXX-333-----|E |-3-33-333-333-XXX-----|
"i promise.." v v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^E |----------------------|A |----------------------|G |-4-44-444-444-444-----|D |-0-00-000-000-000-----|G |-X-XX-XXX-XXX-333-----|E |-3-33-333-333-XXX-----|
v v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^E |----------------------------||A |----------------------------||G |-0-00-000-000-0-0-0-0-0-----||D |-2-22-222-222-2s0h2/4\2-----||x2G |-2-22-222-222-2-2-2/4\2-----||E |-X-XX-XXX-XXX-XXX-X-X-X-----||
(he ends on the slide down as the downstroke of the first downstroke of the next measure you repeat) after you got that down the rest is just repeat. Enjoy =)
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