City And Colour - As Much As I Ever Could tab

I've tried a couple of tabs and watched hundreds of live videos on youtube,
the other Tabs of this Song were quite undetailed so i gave my best.
He plays it everytime a bit different with some additional hammer-ons
or pull-offs, but this Tab is very similar to the Album Track.

Tuning= Drop D

(...) = Notes're not used in every run of riff.

Vers: 4 whole, the 5th ends at * ---> *|--------------7-------------------0~-----------------------------0-----------||--------------8-------------------0~----------------------------0-0---0------||--------------9---------------5---5~-(---5-7p5-)-------------2------2---2-1~-||------(9h10)-10-----------7-----7----(5h7-----7)-------------x------2---2-2~-||----7---------7------7--7---7--------------------5h7-5p3-5p3-3------2---2-2~-||-s7-----------7--s6--6---------------------------3-3-3-3-3-3-3---------------|
Ref: x2|-0---------0-------0------------------------------||-1--1s2s5--3----3--1-----1------------------------||-0--0~-----4-4h5---2--0h2--2p0--(0h2p0--------)---||-2---------5-------3------------(------2-0h2p0)---||-3---------5-------3------------(-------------)---||--------------------------------------------------|
|----Verse again-----|: x2 "loooost at seeaa......" |------Refrain-------|: x4 "bring me your love... tooonight" first and second, then:"noo i am not, where i at the third time. then "bring me your love again.."
Second Verse(very hard to hear how he picks, heres my guess): x4"no i am not, where i belong. So shine a light and guide me home"|---------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------||-4-------4-------5---------------------------||-5---5-----5-----7--------7------2----2------||-5--5---5-----5--7----7-----7----3------3-0--||-5---------------7--7---7-----7--3--3-----3--|
|------verse one again-------|: one last time. (x1) "hooooooohoooo, hooooooooohoooooooooooo!" ;) END Hope it was worth reading and your understood what i was trying to tab ;) Enjoy
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