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City And Colour – Comin Home tab

Tuning: Standard
Capo 2nd Fret

Note: This is tabbed to be played solo with one acoustic guitar. I'm not going to tab
a strumming pattern because you can get that from listening to the song and I just find it
to write it out that way. This is just my interpretation of how Dallas plays this live. 
it gives you an idea of how the song is played. Also, I just wanted to add that
chords are placed in a very rough position throughout the song, you just have to sing 
with it to get where they should go for the song to sound right.

Thanks for looking.

Chords: (relative to capo)

Em C/G A6/7sus4E---0-------0-------0----|B---0-------1-------3----|G---0-------0-------0----|D---2-------2-------4----|A---2-------3-------5----|E---0-------3-------5----|
Intro Riff: -----------
Bridge Riff: (relative to capo) ------------
Intro: ------ Intro Riff | Em* | A6/7sus4 | C/G** | Em | Intro Riff | A6/7sus4 | C/G** | A6/7sus4 | Em | Verse 1 begins while still on Em... * This chord usually starts of with all open strings and he hammers on the A and D at 2nd fret to make the Em chord. Also, right before the next chord he sometimes slides up around 12/14th fret and taps the A and D strings (I think, like harmonics are played), it's omitted here. ** Add a pull off on the B string of this chord on the last downstroke. You can play with this and add it wherever you wish throughout the song. Verse 1: -------- (still on Em) A6/7sus4 C/G I've been down to Georgia, A6/7sus4 Em I've seen the streets in the West, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ etc. with the same strumming pattern and you're just alternating between C/G and Em at end of every line. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I've driven down the 90 Hell, I've seen America's best I've been through the Rockies I've seen Saskatoon I've driven down the Highway ONE Just hoping that I'd see you soon Chorus: ------- (still on Em) A6/7sus4 C/G 'Cause I'm comin' home A6/7sus4 Em I'm comin' home x6 Intro Riff then back into Em and then start Verse 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The A6/7sus4 is played for only 1 downstroke and 1 upstroke to get the timing right. He also skips the A6/7sus4 chord. Play around with it. Also, sometimes in the chorus he the Em and does a hammer on and pull off on the B string on the first fret. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Verse 2: -------- I've never been to Alaska But I can tell you this I've been to Lincoln Nebraska And hell you know it ain't worth shit I've been through Nova Scotia Sydney to Halifax I'll never take any pictures 'Cause I'll know I'll just be right back Chorus: ------- 'Cause I'm comin' home I'm comin home x6 Verse 3: -------- I've seen a palace in London I've seen a castle in Wales But I'd rather wake up beside you And breathe that old familiar smell I never thought you could leave me I figured I was the one I understand your sadness So I guess I should just hold my tongue [ Bridge Riff ] (you can throw this in wherever you want) Chorus: ------- But I'm comin' home [ Bridge Riff ] I'm comin' home x6 Bridge: (played softly) ------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Don't use the Em in the Bridge, just alternate between the 2 chords below and then after will it be his?" switch to Em and go to the outro. He also frequently does pulls offs the B string for both chords. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A6/7sus4 C/G I know that we're taking chances A6/7sus4 C/G etc. You told me life was a risk I just have one last question Will it be my heart Or will it be his? Outro: ------ (still on C/G) Em 'Cause I'm comin' home Em C/G I'm comin home x6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And then add in the A6/7sus4 where you feel necessary or even the bridge riff, whatever feel comfortable with. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off ===============================================================================
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