City And Colour – Forgive Me tab ver. 3

Song: Forgive Me
Artist: City and Colour
Tabbed by Mike

This Tab is the "Live at the Verge" Version. I think it's pretty much 100%, let me know 
you think.

C  - x32010
Em - 022000
Am - x02210
G  - 320010 ( It's Actually a G11, But i'm calling it G because it's easier)
F/C- x33210


C Em Am G F/C G Am Ge|---------------------------------------------------------0-----------0----------0---------------|B|--1------1h3p1---0--0------0h1-------3p1-------3p1-----------------1----------------------1-----|G|----0-------------------2------2---------2-----------2-2---------------0h2-2-2----------------0-|D|------2---------------2----------2----------0-0------3-3------0-0------0h2-2-2----0---0-0---0---|A|--3--------------2---------0-------0--------2-2------3-3------2-2------0---0-0----0h2-2-2---2---|E|--------------------------------------------3-3---------------3-3-----------------3---3-3---3---|
C G Am Em F/C G Am Ge|------------------------0--------0----------------------0-----------0---------0-----------------|B|--1--------3p1------0h1-------1-------------1---------------------1------------------------1----|G|-----0---------0----------0h2---2--2--0-0-0-0--0h2-2-2-----------------0h2-2-2--2--------------0|D|-------2----------0-------0h2---2--2--2-2-2----3---3-3----0---0-0--0---0h2-2-2--2--0---0-0---0--|A|--3------3--------2-------0-----0--0--2-2-2----3---3-3----0h2-2-2--2---0---0-0--0--0h2-2-2---2--|E|------------------3---------------------------------------3---3-3--3---------------3---3-3---3--|
Chords used for rest of song, with occasional hammer on or pull off, it's easy to work really. C Em Am G I'll cross my heart and hope to die F/C G Am Em Before I have the chance to lie C G Am Em To you, my dear, who I wish no harm F/C G Am Em But I know in the end this will turn out wrong C Em Am Em See I've been known to fall in love F/C G Am G But sometimes love just is not enough C Em Am G And my heart will stray before too long F/C G Am G Am So please forgive me for when I sing this song F/C ooooohhh Am ooohh
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