City And Colour – What Makes A Man tab ver. 3

			     What Makes A Man - City and Colour

Tuning: C F A# D# G C (2 Whole steps down/4 frets)(plus if you REALLY cba to tune all
the way down, you can just put a capo on the eighth fret, same key so it sounds alright,
just obviously sounds alot higher)

I'll tab it out basically as I hear it/play it, but as with many C&C songs Dallas just
tends to play about the whole way through, continually changing it. So while this is a
basic pattern, it's not the definitive one, so just play about with it yourself until 
you think it sounds right.
Oh, and you can't really play this properly with a pick, so hand pick it!

There are 3 main chords used through out the song (with an exception of a bit in the
intro), and i'll pu them here, so that if you really can't follow the tab (which i accept
is hard to follow, sorry!) then you can work it out on your own, but i hope this tab 
will go some way to helping!

Fmaj G7 Am Cmaj C/Ae|--0-----0----0----0----0----|B|--1-----1----1----1----1----|G|--2-----0----2----0----0----| Sorry if any of the chord names are wrong!D|--3-----0----2----2----0----|A|--3-----2----0----3----2----|E|--------3-------------------|
Intro Fmaj G7 A minore|----0------0------------0------0-----0----0----0------0-------|B|----1--1---1--1---1-----1------1-----1----1----1--1-----------|G|--2----0h2----2---2-----0------0-----0----0--2----0h2---2-----|D|--3-------------3-----0----------------------2------------2---|A|--3-------------3-----2----0h2---2h3---2-----0--------------0-|E|----------------------3----3-----3-----3----------------------|
Cmaj C/A G7e|-----0-----0----0-------0--|B|-----1-----1----1-------1--|G|--0--0--0--0----0-------0--|D|--2-----0-----0------------|A|--3-----2-----2----2h3-----|E|--------------3----3-------|
Fmaj G7e|----0------0------------0------0-----0---------------|B|----1--1---1--1---1-----1------1-----1---------------|G|--2----0h2----2---2-----0------0-----0---------------|D|--3-------------3-----0------------------------------|A|--3-------------3-----2----0h2---2h3----3/5p0--------|E|----------------------3----3-----3-------------------|
Fmaj G7e|----0------0------------0------0-----0----0-|B|----1--1---1--1---1-----1------1-----1----1-|G|--2----0h2----2---2-----0------0-----0----0-|D|--3-------------3-----0---------------------|A|--3-------------3-----2----0h2---2h3---2----|E|----------------------3----3-----3-----3----|
I can hear my train a comin' in I can hear my train a comin' in What make a man walk a- Know think I Ame|---0------0-0-----0-0-----0-----0----|B|---1------1-1-----1-1-----1-----1--1-|G|-2----0h2-----0h2-----0h2---0h2----0-|D|-2---------------------------------0-|A|-0-----------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------| It's a lonesome and distant cry Now I'm runnin' for my life way from his mind I think i Might know
Second verse carries on like this, although i think that the verse ends with the C,C/A,G7, like the first part of the intro, and possilbe all subsequent verses end like this too, but cause of the tuning being quite low it's hard to hear (plus i'm really not that great)
Chorusx3, with the 4th time leading into the Am. You can play this like the intro, but i don'tthink it's picked as much. Just alternate between strumming the bottom three or so andthe top three stringse|---0----0----|B|---1----1----|G|---2----0----|D|---3----0----|A|---3----2----|E|--------3----|
Verse 3 Chorus Verse 4 Chrous til end As the song progresses it becomes more strummed, like the chorus, than picked like it is in the inrto. Just play it how you think is best though! I tabbed this from a few videos i saw on Youtube of Dallas playing, which is why I think the tuning is correct, and the basic chords. However, Dallas Green is in fact a God (in my humble opinion), and no two performances are ever really the same. Just play about with it and see what you think. I'm not saying that this is the best tab, casue i'm sure it isn't, but hopefully it will help anyone who wants to play this song somewhat close to how Dallas does. Any suggestions or corrections will be more than welcome! ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | b Bend | pb Pre-bend | br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | brb Bend release bend ************************************
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