City And Colour - Sorrowing Man tab version 1

Song: Sorrowing Man
Artist: City and Colour
Album: Little Hell
Tabbed by: Dan Zangari

Standard Tuning, distortion and lots of reverb, Dallas does his usual random picking of 
the higher strings in between the chords so you can play around with that.


Note: If you're playing it acoustically, and you want alternative chords for the chorus, you can play this:
That's it! Have fun. Lyrics: Sorrowing man, look how worn you've become You once were Lord of the baron sea There’s blood on our hands, in this perfect madness You're living on borrowed time Oh how you have lost your way Oh how you have lost your way There's no sympathy, for we don't know the cure Cause what you've got, well it runs too pure But you've lived and breathed more than any man I know But you're not done, oh, at least I hope Oh how you have lost your way Oh how you have lost your way In this life that we have made together Oh how you have lost your way Oh how you have lost your way Oh how you have lost your way
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