City And Colour – Silver And Gold tab ver. 2

this tab is based off what other users have posted. 
Like most of Dallas Green's songs; this song has a lot of improvisation with 
picking/strumming patterns and licks between chords. 
What I am posting is just a basis on what to play.

The first time he plays through the progression the bass is as written
below, but every other time after that there is more bass notes, 
which is just your thumb tapping the top string for the G chord.

standard tuning, no capo.


   G                  G

Am C
NOTE: after playing this progression a couple of times through, Dallas adds an open "e" string note (bottom string) at the end of the Am bar and twice in the C bar, listen to the song to determine the timing of the note CHORUS: Am Em B7
C Cmaj7
that's pretty much the basis of this song, play along and work out the fiddly bits, goodluck! LYRICS: Verse: Last night I dreamt that they dropped a bomb Oh the sea ran dry and the winds had calmed Skyscrapers fell, they all turned to dust, Their skeletons of steel were covered in rust Chorus: And everything I loved and feared, had all at once disappeared Verse: Colours were drained straight from the sky And nothing living had survived The mountains were merely removed from the earth Silver and gold had lost all its worth Chorus: And everything I loved and feared had all at once disappeared Oh everything I loved and feared had all at once disappeared Verse: I woke from the dream in a cold, cold sweat I was full of doubt and deep regret, Suddenly it was so clear to me; There was nothing left in which to believe Chorus: And everything I loved and feared had all at once disappeared Oh everything I loved and feared had all at once disappeared
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