City And Colour – Of Space And Time tab

                   Of Space And Time (Roaming Through The Hills) 
                              - City and Colour
Tabbed by: Gavin

I couldn't find an accurate TAB of this song and I've seen a lot of people play it 
wrong, so here it is. 
The actual song isn't released yet so if the album version is different I'll update it. 
If you have any queries or see any errors, please email me.

Tuning: Standard Tuning (Capo on 3)

Dallas uses a few variations with his pull-offs and hammer-ons, but the basic pattern is this:

Verse (figure out strumming):

Chorus (same strum pattern):
Lyrics: Well, I don't know what drugs to take To successfully alter the state That my mind has been in as of late Something's eating away at my brain There's an elephant in the back of the room And it's standing in plain view Everyone can see That it looks just like me Roaming through the hills All alone Trying to find My direction home A question of space A matter of time Follow the stars Until the first light I would not call this road a home But it is all I know *something something* call this road a home When it is all I know Roaming through the hills All alone Trying to find My direction home h - hammer on p - pull off
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